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"Daughter's husband is a farmer at the age of 35, he called koji, and high school sweetheart, Mariko marriage, feeling very good, especially sexual passion. Unexpectedly Hao two business failure, carrying a huge debt, tried to borrow from relatives and friends, the couple also hard work, is not this huge huge amount. He repeatedly came to the door, intimidation and hurt him, his wife is afraid, her parents had to divorce him. His daughter...
Ho two tried every means to make money and raise money, he operated a laundry shop, study the cultivation of beetles, his wife command traffic work, two people day and night, but also the debt is still far away. The day that the former high school of Anxi, recently developed mobile phone applications, the annual income of 1 billion. Because ho second wife, a former school first beauty, and his wife have romance love, courage, want to to Anxi loan borrowed 50 million debt.
Anxi promised to seek, the condition is borrowed from his wife, 3 months, and as his woman, during which a couple they shall not contact any, for love and life, the wronged wife promised. The real purpose of Anxi, just want to see Mariko, to recall and relive the past and that her lovers love dream. But two people needing presence inside the house, the old lover will wipe out why men and women bed spark of love?? her current husband heart and will to his wife breeding why suspicion variable? And play made why is the outcome unpredictable.??


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