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[BT下载][丧尸足球 Goal of the Dead][BD-MP4/2.64GB][精校中英双字幕][720P][2016][欧美][恐怖]

◎名  称 : 丧尸足球 Goal of the Dead
◎国家地区 : 法国
◎I M  D B : http://www.7ibbs.com/title/tt2787824
◎豆  瓣 : http://movie.douban.com/subject/20645056
◎风  格 : 恐怖
◎发行年份 : 2014
◎上映日期 : 2014-02-07
◎片  长 : 140分钟
◎导  演 : Benjamin Rocher
Thierry Poiraud
◎编  剧 : Quoc Dang Tran
Nicolas Peufaillit
◎主  演 : Alban Lenoir
Charlie Bruneau
Tiphaine Daviot>
◎简  介 : 

Saturday, the 18th of January 2012. A quarter of an hour before the match. An hour before the Apocalypse.In a small village in the north-east of France, Caplongue, lays a nuclear power plant, an industrialized agriculture and a church lower than its unemployment rate but also, the football team, which managed to reach the 1/32nd French Final Cup with a lot of courage and talent. The village is all the more jubilating at the idea of receiving the Paris Olympic, a top league club with famous footballers.For the Paris Olympic, it's the opposite. The team mustn't lose. This match, which was supposed to be a formality, has become of paramount importance. Between Paris and Caplongue, there is more than 250kms. It's a match that opposes the rural to the urban world, the amateurs to the professionals, a province town to the capital, the poor to the rich. While the amateurs give a rough ride to the professionals, an epidemic instantly transforms the players, the spectators and the inhabitants into strange and enraged creatures.

◎评  论:
悉尼电影节# 丧尸+足球赛,这点子真不错。记得最清楚丧尸群就在眼前了教练老头子还给几个人排兵布阵说你俩进攻我俩防守,然后深情款款说什么“在一起战斗,这才是足球真谛”,还没说完瞬间被丧尸们直接扑倒。
没有想象的那么刺激 但还是可以的 老教练的一句话我记得很清楚 ”together we are everything, alone we are nothing"。

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